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Stephen Mulhern reveals the thing he asked to be changed on new game show

Stephen Mulhern is back on TV tomorrow night with a tense new game show, Rolling In It.

The show features contestants teaming up with some famous faces, in an attempt to win some big cash prizes, while avoiding any penalties.

The host said that he did ask for one thing to be changed about the question and answer format.


“I did ask, or insist, that we had the multiple choice,” he said.

“I’m not very good at general knowledge, you’ll never see me on Mastermind but anything with multiple choice, I’m in because I can have a guess.”

Stephen added that having the choice caused one particular celebrity to be so sure of the answer, she persuaded a contestant to change their mind, only for it to be wrong.

The Britain’s Got More Talent host added he was initially unsure about having TV personalities on the programme.


“When they told me we were going to have people from the TV, I was like ‘argh’. Because what I love about In For A Penny and BGMT so much, is that it’s members of the public.

“I work best with members of the public because they give more, they have have nothing to hide, they are very honest and up for a good time, and you get any emotion you want.

“So when they told me we were going to have people from the telly combined with it, I said ‘but why, why do we need that?’

“And they said you need to see the gameplay, and now, they do get put under pressure and that is why I love it. You see that they do actually care, they aren’t there to just take their fee.

“They all had a genuine emotion.”

Rolling In It starts on ITV on Saturday, August 8 at 6:25pm.