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Lady Gaga fans hit out at photographers following her around everywhere

It’s the stereotypical life of a celebrity, being followed around by paparazzi and getting snapped by the endless clicks of cameras.

And for Lady Gaga it is probably a lifestyle she has just come to accept is part of her job, and one of those trade offs for the life she has.

But it seems her fans are hitting back at photographers following her around wherever she goes after new photos appear online.

The pictures were shared by a fan account, showing the singer and her new man Michael Polanski going on a walk in the hills of Miami.

They can be seen with their arms around each other as they stroll off into the distance, with Gaga wearing sportswear and legging.

One fan wrote: “Looks like privacy invasion to me, especially if she’s on her own property. Don’t like seeing this, or the paparazzi doing this.”

Another followed the same theme, and replied to the photos: “Ugh paparazzi are the worst leave her in peace. This is so invasive.”