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Jason Derulo jokes about returning to other apps when TikTok gets banned

There have been many rumours that TikTok will be removed across the US due to the government banning the app across the country.

Many big creators on the app have begun to point fans in the direction of their other social media channels just in case.

And for the king of the app, Jason Derulo, it may be an awkward return to other social media apps should the app become banned.

Obviously, before finding huge TikTok fame, the Savage Love singer was slightly out of the limelight when it came to the music industry.

Sharing a video to his official page, the singer can be seen carrying his tripod and a suitcase into a room awkwardly saying hello.

The text added onto the video reads: “Me returning to FB & IG when TikTok gets banned” along with the logos for each social media channel.

It has since received over 1.1 million likes from his millions of fans.

Derulo recently put to bed rumours that he earns $75,000 for each post on the video sharing app, claiming he gets paid much more.