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Harry Styles has now been dubbed the king of safety during recent holiday

Harry Styles is currently being applauded for his safety and taking the necessary precautions during the coronavirus pandemic.

In fact, the singer has become so well known for his various safety precautions that fans are now calling him the king of safety online.

Fans have found a number of times he’s been spotted wearing a face mask with a recent time including when he met a young fan in Hampstead.

He has also driven to Italy, where he allegedly owns a house, and has also been praised for apparently driving there instead of flying.

One fan went into detail when it came to the various times the former 1D singer has stuck to the rules and followed the book perfectly.

“Harry Styles spent 3 months quarantining in LA to be safe, wore masks every time he went outside with people, then travelled back home” they wrote.

“And now DROVE to Italy where he OWNS A HOUSE (ergo once again went home) instead of flying. King of safety!”

“We know he drove to Italy because he was spotted in France, then Italy, with a car that had a British license” the keen fan noted.

Continuing their findings, they said: “We know he owns a house in Italy because it has been reported by Italian media for months now.”

Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t long before fans jumped into the comments to sing their praises, with many adopting the king of safety nickname.